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We started as a manufacturer focusing on exporting to the European market. We learned a lot from our years of successfully competing against Europe's best and we decided to bring our knowledge home and make our products available in Brunei.

TomatoKidZ now we're earning the title of Asia's Finest Online Kids Furniture Store by producing products that are above the design and manufacturing standards commonly seen in the Asian countries. TomatoKidZ products are not just designed to be a feast for your child's eyes but also to spark imagination and creativity. All our products are strong, durable and more than capable of meeting the demands even the most active kids can place on them. We know that being good in one aspect is not enough, as well as being tough and attractive our products need to be comfortable, ergonomic and practical, ensuring that the children using our products sit comfortably while in the correct posture.

TomatoKidZ strive to meet the needs of the modern family by designing solutions to the common problems they face, one of the main issues being space. As property prices rise, houses are getting smaller making floor space a valuable commodity in the home, with this in mind we have come up with a number of innovative ideas to reduce the demands on your floor space, including slide-out features and bunk beds which all fit into a single bed sized footprint.

TomatoKidZ know that if we don't listen to you we will lost sight of exactly what it is that you need, so now you can see on some of our newer items our 'inspired by your ideas' stamp. These products are a direct result of feedback from you, our customers. You, our customers are very important to us, we want the experience of buying our products to be as convenient as possible and this is why we are a 24/7 online shop. As online shopping continues to grow we grow too, with more and more Bruneian coming to love both our products and our uniques online store.

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